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I live in the beautiful state of Colorado. Homeschooling has been a part of our lives for almost 30 years now, and my kids never went to a typical school. I have a gaggle of kids, most of them grown, graduated from college, and married. We have an ever growing bunch of grandkids who are delightful and precious to us. 

When people ask me why I decided to start homeschooling, I tell them I never did decide to start homeschooling. When my oldest turned five, I just didn’t have the heart to send him to school. So, I didn’t. It just continued on from there, with no other big decisions made. And so the other children followed along, creating our entire homeschool experience.

Homeschooling has allowed us to infuse our children’s education experiences with our Catholic faith. We are grateful for the opportunity to have an integrated home, school, and faith life. My children learned at home supplemented by Catholic co-ops, enrichment programs, and some community college classes in high school. 

So where am I now? I still have two of our large brood at home. My youngest daughter is on the verge of finishing high school and planning for her college years. My youngest son needs more help than a typical child as he lives with some challenging disabilities. He’ll be with us for the duration of our lives, as his needs won’t allow for independent living, barring a miracle. We’re honored by the blessing of this child from God, even as we’ve had to relearn everything we ever thought we knew about parenting and homeschooling and placing our trust completely in God’s hands.

As I contemplate the end of homeschooling in a few years, I find that it is a mix of emotions. Relief and satisfaction, bittersweet musings, gratitude, and the work needed to contemplate a new way of living. Because that’s just, it isn’t it? Homeschooling is not just a way of educating your children. It’s a way of living with your children. It’s rich and deep and integrates all you do into your home and your encounters with the outside world. 

I put this website together to make it easier for Catholic homeschooling families to find what they need to be successful in their homeschooling. I hope that it is a blessing to everyone who visits and spends time looking around. 

Providing support, resources, connections, and wisdom to Catholic homeschooling parents 

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