St. Anthony of Padua

June 13

St Anthony cropped halo

Hammer of Heretics
The Wonder Worker

1195 - 1231
Canonized: 1232

Patron of:

Lost items, the poor, sailors and fishermen, priests, travelers, finding a spouse, mail carriers

St. Anthony of Padua

June 13

St. Anthony began to dedicate his life as a servant of God in Lisbon. He came from a wealthy family and gave this up to join the Augustinians. He was inspired when the remains of the first Franciscan martyrs were processed through the city he was living in. He quickly joined the Franciscan Order with his heart’s desire to preach to the Moors. Illness prevented this and he was sent to Italy.

He was found to have an extraordinary gift of preaching and teaching. He led his friars and eventually ended up in Padua. After his death, he was canonized in less than a year. He was named a Doctor of the Church in 1946. He has gained a following as the patron for finding lost things. 

Why is St. Anthony so often seen in paintings and statues holding the Christ Child? St. Anthony had a mystical vision of the Child Jesus who embraced him. In art, this is reflected in the tender caress that the Baby Jesus gives to the saint. 

St. Anthony is also known as the “Hammer of the Heretics” for being a fearless orator and defender of the faith. 

St. Anthony of Padua, pray for us!

“Be just as God made you to be. Do not go seeking another you.”

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