Catholic Homeschooling in Utah

How to Homeschool in Utah

Utah is a low-regulation state for homeschooling. Just follow these simple steps to get started:

1. Schooling is required for ages 6-18.

2. Sign, notarize, and file an affidavit with your local school board. You do not need to refile your affidavit as long as you remain in that district. 

3. Teach your children. There are no required subjects or number of days of instruction. The parent has sole responsibility for the selection of instructional materials and textbooks. 

There are no required teacher qualifications, mandated assessments, or immunization requirements. 

Utah State Board of Education Home School Information
For parents who wish to home school their child, the State of Utah requires the parent to complete and file an affidavit with their local school district stating their intent to home school. Once the affidavit is filed by the parent, the students listed on the affidavit are withdrawn from their public K-12 schools and exempt from Utah’s compulsory education law. Your local school district may have a preferred form for this process, but no specific form is required by state law. While the Utah State Board of Education can provide information regarding state policies, parents have jurisdiction over home school.

How to Comply with Utah’s Homeschool Law
How to Withdraw Your Child from School in Utah
Special Education Provisions for Utah
The Importance of Recordkeeping in Utah

Lobbying & Advocacy Organizations

Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)
HSLDA is the nation’s largest homeschool advocacy organization. They protect the rights of homeschoolers in court, advocate for homeschool freedom in state legislatures, and work to advance homeschooling in the public arena. 

Utah Home Education Association (UHEA)
The Utah Home Education Association (UHEA) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that has worked for over 35 years to maintain and improve the rights of parents to educate children at home as a viable alternative to the existing public and private education system. It is also their goal to connect families with resources and to educate the public on homeschooling within the communities of Utah.

Catholic Homeschool Support Groups

St. Thomas More Catholic Homeschool Ministry
Cottonwood Heights, UT
St. Thomas More Catholic Church offers the opportunity to connect with other Catholic homeschooling families in the local area. 

Utah Catholic Homeschool Families
Central Utah
This homeschool group gathers for Mass and social activities. They welcome all home educating Catholic families and others who are interested in supporting Catholic home education. Events include craft gatherings, feast day celebrations, First Friday Masses, and other social opportunities. Facebook Group for Utah Catholic Homeschool Families.

Catholic Homeschool Co-ops

Do you know of any Catholic homeschool co-ops near you? Let us know by filling out our Resource Submission Form, and we’ll add it here. 

Hybrid Programs & Homeschool Academies

Catholic Schoolhouse
Ogden, UT
Catholic Schoolhouse is a supplemental program designed to help homeschool families enrich their educational experience through a flexible approach to learning inspired by classical elements presented in a structure environment. They serve students in grades K-8 and meet once a week during the school year.

Catholic Homeschool Conferences

The 2024 Catholic Homeschool Conference
Virtual Conference
June 7-8, 2024

This virtual conference features topics covering homeschool guidance, marriage and family, and character and virtue development. Speakers include Bishop Joseph Strickland, Emily Brown, Bonnie Landry, and more. There will also be a homeschool graduate panel. The Catholic Homeschool Directory is a virtual exhibitors hall. You can browse through curriculum, programs, tools, and businesses who support your family’s homeschool journey.

Southern California Catholic Home Educators Conference
St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Costa Mesa, CA
June 22, 2024

Come to this all day in-person conference. Keynote speaker is Laura Berquist, founder of Mother of Divine Grace School. Other speakers include Laurie Shepardson, Kathryn Anne Casey, Janette Pascua, Kendra Tierney, Monica Ashour, and more! Activities include a used curricula sale, high school track, Mass, speaker dinner, and a vendor hall.

Rocky Mountain Catholic Home Educators Conference
Most Precious Blood, Denver, CO
July 12-13, 2024

This annual conference is independent and local, bringing in speakers from around the country. Featured speakers for 2023 include Maureen Wittmann of Homeschool Connections, Kerri Davison of Holy Heroes, Sara Masarik, and Ana Braga-Henebry. Conference attendees can browse through the vendors hall, go to workshops and talks, and network with other homeschoolers.

Local Classes & Programs for Homeschoolers

Do you know of any great local classes or programs for Catholic homeschoolers? Let us know by filling out our Resource Submission Form, and we’ll add it here. 

Sports for Homeschoolers

Public School Access for Homeschoolers in Utah
Homeschool students shall be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities at a public school consistent with eligibility standards. School districts may not impose additional requirements on homeschool students that are not imposed on fully enrolled public school students. Homeschool students who are dual enrolled are eligible to participate in any extracurricular or co-curricular activity in the public school available to students in their grade or age group, subject to compliance with the same rules and requirements that apply to a full-time student’s participation in the activity. 

Do you know of any great sports programs for Catholic homeschoolers? Let us know by filling out our Resource Submission Form, and we’ll add it here. 

Shrines & Pilgrimages in Utah

Do you know of any Catholic pilgrimage sites or shrines that would be perfect for a homeschool field trip? Let us know by filling out our Resource Submission Form, and we’ll add it here. 

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