St. Kateri Feast Day Recipes

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St. Kateri grew up in the Mohawk culture. The people relied on food they could trap, hunt, gather, and forage themselves, and they were self-sufficient eating this way off the bounty of the land. 

St. Kateri was a very holy young woman, and we know that she helped both her family and her community. Likely, this included preparing food. 

She did often practice self-mortification and fasting. She suffered from ill health throughout her life, so these penances were difficult for her. 

In celebrating the feast of St. Kateri, you can make some Native American food. These recipes include corn soup, pemmican, cornbread, and Mohawk milk cake. We’ve included some lily-themed recipes in honor of Kateri’s nickname, the Lily of the Mohawks, along with some turtle-themed desserts to acknowledge the Turtle Clan of the Mohawks that her family belonged to.

More Ways to Celebrate the Feast of St. Kateri Tekakwitha

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