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A homeschool conference is a gathering of homeschool parents, those interested in learning more about homeschooling, vendors and curriculum suppliers, speakers, and more. Typically, a homeschool convention takes place once a year, most often in the late spring or early summer months. 

There is no better place to learn about the art of homeschooling, connect with other homeschoolers in your area, or get new ideas and energized for the coming school year than a homeschool conference. 

Some homeschool conferences are big and some are quite small, but they share some things in common. You will find lots of talks and workshops to attend, some vendors showing off their curriculum ware, and lots of other homeschoolers. Some larger conferences offer teen tracks, workshops for new homeschoolers, used curriculum sales, workshops for dads, parent/kid activities, and entertainment. 

Among attendees, you’ll find veteran homeschoolers, moms just finishing up their first year of homeschooling, and people considering taking the leap into homeschooling. Dads often attend as well. Some moms who have graduated all their kids still come to meet up with old friends, give talks, and offer mentorship. You’ll also find curriculum sales representatives, product demonstrators, leaders of Catholic homeschool co-ops or hybrid programs, and representatives of homeschooling organizations. 

Check out our comprehensive list of Catholic homeschool conferences near you! There are likely other conferences, both Christian and secular, happening in your area. Connect with local homeschool groups or search for homeschool conferences in your area. 

Admission to a Catholic homeschool conference generally runs from $25 to $100. This depends on the size and length of the conference. There are typically scholarships available, so don’t let tight finances keep you from attending. 

You don’t have to be currently homeschooling to attend a homeschool conference. For some attendees, the conference may be the first time they even meet other homeschoolers. Many parents start gathering information even before they have children! 

You’ll have the best experience at a homeschool conference if your children are able to stay at home. Most conferences ask that non-attached or nursing children do not attend the conference. Childcare is typically not provided. There may be a teen track or even family activities. Check the schedule of the conference to find out if this is planned for the conference you are attending. 

First, bring your sense of wonder and delight. A homeschool conference is full of information, connections, and fun! On a practical level, you’ll want a sturdy tote bag for workshop handouts and vendor materials. If lunch and/or dinner is not part of your ticket, bring a packed lunch or some money for nearby restaurants, and don’t forget a few healthy snacks and your water bottle!

Have handy a notepad or notebook and several pens or pencils. Wear comfortable shoes, as you’ll be walking around during the conference day. Grab a light sweater before you leave home, as some conference rooms can get chilly. 

Bring your phone and a charger if it tends to not make it through the day without a charge. This will let you do some comparison shopping online while you’re in the vendor hall. Curriculum suppliers usually offer discounts to conference attendees, but it never hurts to make sure it’s the best deal. 

A significant part of a homeschool conference is the vendor hall. Here, you’ll get to take a hands-on look at curriculum, save some money with conference discounts, and ask all your questions. 

Plan ahead and come with an open mind! Look over the schedule ahead of time to decide which sessions and workshops you’d like to attend. Take a look at the vendor list and browse through any curriculum you’re interested in ahead of time on the internet. Invite some friends to come with to increase your fun!

At some conferences, there is a special teen track, with workshops, fun activities, meals together, and special educational opportunities. Check the conference schedule to find out if a teen track is available. If there isn’t, you can inquire whether teens are invited to attend. If not, ask if your teen could volunteer at the conference. Opportunities include greeting arriving attendees, working in the vendor hall, or helping with set up and tear down. 

Fathers are always welcome at homeschool conferences. There may even be some special sessions just for dads. Some conferences offer family activities, perfect for Dad and your kids to attend while you’re busy in conference sessions. 

Many conferences offer scholarships for attendees. There may be a discount for your spouse to attend. You can often get a discount or even free admission by volunteering for the conference. Work begins months before and volunteers help everything come together. Help may be needed prior to the conference or on the days of the conference. Don’t let tight finances keep you from attending your local Catholic homeschool conference. Talk with the organizers to find solutions that will help you attend. 

Homeschool conferences often have New Homeschooler sessions, which would be perfect for someone still contemplating homeschooling. Browse through the schedule to find topics that interest you and workshops that will give you the confidence you need to begin your homeschool journey. 

Many conferences offer recordings of talks after the conference. Ask when you check in at registration if the talks will be recorded. 

Some grandparents are very supportive and involved in their grandchildren’s home education! They are welcome as well at a homeschool conference. 

In general, outside food will be allowed at a homeschool conference. Any prohibitions on food would be communicated prior to the conference in the registration material. 

Volunteering is a fun way to learn more about your homeschool community and make new friends. Ask the conference organizers what you can do to help. Remember, that planning for a homeschool conference can begin as much as a year ahead. Contact the organizers early!

Homeschool conference organizers are always on the look out for great speakers. If you have a topic you’d like to share, put together a short proposal with a summary of your talk. Send it along to the conference organizers for review. 

Everyone is welcome at a Catholic homeschool conference! 

Vendors love to offer discounts for materials sold at a homeschool convention. They may also offer coupon codes that can be used in the days or weeks after the conference. 

Some homeschool conferences are quite large. You can keep from being overwhelmed by planning out your schedule ahead of time, having a plan for lunch and breaks, and taking your time in the vendor hall. Bring a friend to discuss what you’ve learned and to make the day more fun!

A homeschool conference involves long hours and lots of walking. Wear clothes you’ll be comfortable in all day. Bring a sweater or jacket for chilly conference rooms. Comfy shoes are a must!

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