Catholic Homeschooling in Kentucky

How to Homeschool in Kentucky

In Kentucky, there is no statute explicitly governing home education in the state. Rather, homeschoolers operate uner the private school statute. Take this steps to start homeschooling in Kentucky. 

1. Send a private school notice of attendance to your local school board.

2. Keep attendance and report cards, updated every 6 to 9 weeks on the schedule of your local district.

3. Teach a minimum of 1,062 hours of instruction each school year over at least 170 days.

4. Teach the required subjects of reading, writing, spelling, grammar, history, mathematics, science, and civics. 

Kentucky Department of Education Home School Information
The Kentucky constitution establishes the prerogatives of the parents to choose the formal education for the child. Therefore, parents may choose to homeschool their child. If a parent chooses this option, they take complete responsibility for educating their child. The parent/guardian selects the curriculum and educational materials. There is no state financial assistance for families who choose this option. For more information, consult this Homeschool Information Packet compiled by the Kentucky Department of Education

How to Comply with Kentucky’s Homeschool Law
How to Withdraw Your Child from School in Kentucky

Special Education Provisions for Kentucky

The Importance of Recordkeeping in 

Lobbying & Advocacy Organizations

Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)
HSLDA is the nation’s largest homeschool advocacy organization. They protect the rights of homeschoolers in court, advocate for homeschool freedom in state legislatures, and work to advance homeschooling in the public arena. 

Christian Home Educators of Kentucky (CHEK)
CHEK is a statewide homeschooling educational and informational organization established to assist families who choose to educate their children according to the dictates of their conscience and their fundamental rights as parents. They offer support and monitor legislation that could affect homeschool rights and freedoms.

Catholic Homeschool Support Groups

Holy Family Catholic Home Educators – HFCHE
Cincinnati Tri-State area, including southwest Ohio, southeast Indiana, and northern Kentucky
Holy Family Catholic Home Educators (HFCHE) is a community of Catholic families supporting parents who educate their children at home. They welcome families from across the Cincinnati Tri-State area, including southeast Indiana and northern Kentucky. Events and programs include moms’ group, feast day celebrations, beginning and end of year parties, park days, game nights, high school socials, theater performances, talent shows, and academic fairs. HFCHE on

Immaculate Conception Homeschoolers
La Grange, KY
Immaculate Conception Church in La Grange is home to this Catholic homeschool support group. Members meet weekly for daily Mass and breakfast, plus other social activities. 

Mater Dei Homeschool Group
Radcliff, Hardin County, KY
This Catholic homeschool support group meets every Wednesday for Pray and Play time. They also offer monthly field trips and other events. 

Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Homeschool Group
Northern Kentucky and surrounding areas
This homeschool group supports Catholic families in northern Kentucky and the surrounding areas. They offer mentorship, information, support, social opportunities, and educational activities.

St. Joseph Homeschool Association
Lexington, KY
St. Joseph Homeschool Association provides support and connections to Catholic homeschooling families in the Catholic Diocese of Lexington, KY. Activities include Masses, moms’ gatherings, game nights, summer picnics, and play dates. St. Joseph Facebook group

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Homeschool Group
Louisville Metro Area, Southern Indiana, Jefferson, Oldham, Henry, Shelby, Bullitt, and surrounding counties in Kentucky
This Catholic homeschool group serves the Louisville metro area. They offer moms’ nights out, education fairs, Catholic kids clubs, homeschool Masses, park days, theater field trips, history field trips, and more. St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Homeschool Group Facebook group

Catholic Homeschool Co-ops

Classically Catholic Memory Co-op
Erlanger, KY
Classically Catholic Memory is a memory work program that is both Catholic and classical in nature. It is designed for children ages 5 through 12, and each year of the program provides 18 weeks of memory work in each subject. CCM is run as a co-op model.

Seat of Wisdom Homeschool Cooperative
White Sulphur, KY
This Catholic homeschool co-op meets at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church in White Sulphur, Kentucky. This community of Catholic families meet weekly for enrichment activities, including Mass, two classes a day, and recess and social time. They also offer once-a-month field trips focusing on Kentucky and Catholic history, plus extracurricular activities and feast day celebrations. There is a nursery and early preschool for younger siblings. 

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Hybrid Programs & Homeschool Academies

St. Joseph Academy Homeschool Support Program
Walton, KY
Saint Joseph Academy is an affordable, academic hybrid program for students in 3rd through 9th grade. Students in the elementary grades attend classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays while the high school grades attend classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. They work independently at home on the remaining days. This offers students and families a unique and flexible approach to their school experience that a traditional five day a week program does not. Classes are taught by qualified and experienced teachers who value the importance of teaching to the individual student.

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Catholic Homeschool Conferences

The 2024 Catholic Homeschool Conference
Virtual Conference
June 7-8, 2024

This virtual conference features topics covering homeschool guidance, marriage and family, and character and virtue development. Speakers include Bishop Joseph Strickland, Emily Brown, Bonnie Landry, and more. There will also be a homeschool graduate panel. The Catholic Homeschool Directory is a virtual exhibitors hall. You can browse through curriculum, programs, tools, and businesses who support your family’s homeschool journey.

Local Classes & Programs for Homeschoolers

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Sports for Homeschoolers

Public School Access for Homeschoolers in Kentucky
There is no state-wide law granting homeschoolers the right to participate in public school activities. Individual schools and districts may allow homeschooler participation at their discretion. 

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Shrines & Pilgrimages in Kentucky

Do you know of any Catholic pilgrimage sites or shrines that would be perfect for a homeschool field trip? Let us know by filling out our Resource Submission Form, and we’ll add it here. 

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