Catholic Homeschooling in Hawaii

How to Homeschool in Hawaii

There are some regulations pertaining to homeschooling in Hawaii. To legally homeschool in Hawaii, follow these steps:

1. Submit a notice of intent to the principal of your local public school.

2. Ensure your curriculum is in compliance. There are no required subjects, but the course of study should be typical of that in school. 

3. Keep records including hours per week of instruction, subjects covered, method used, and textbooks.

4. Submit an annual progress report including testing in grades 3, 5, 8, and 10.

Compulsory school ages are 5-18 and notification is required. There are no teacher qualification or immunization requirements. 

Hawaiʻi State Department of Education Home School Information
The State of Hawaii recognizes homeschooling as an alternative to compulsory school attendance. This FAQ answers some questions about homeschooling in the state. 

How to Comply with Hawaii’s Homeschool Law
How to Withdraw Your Child from School in Hawaii
Special Education Provisions for Hawaii
The Importance of Recordkeeping in Hawaii

Lobbying & Advocacy Organizations

Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)
HSLDA is the nation’s largest homeschool advocacy organization. They protect the rights of homeschoolers in court, advocate for homeschool freedom in state legislatures, and work to advance homeschooling in the public arena. 

Hawaii Homeschool Association
Hawai’i Homeschool Association (HHA) is a support group for homeschooling parents. They share homeschooling ideas and share information relevant to homeschooling in the state. 

Christian Homeschoolers of Hawaii (CHOH)
CHOH’s mission as a statewide, non-governing service organization is to organize activities to educate, assist, and encourage families in homeschooling endeavors and be a liaison between homeschooling families and national, state, and local organizations and agencies.

Catholic Homeschool Support Groups

Catholic Homeschooling in Hawaii
This group connects various Catholic homeschooling groups in Hawaii. 

Hawaii Catholic Homeschoolers (HCH)
Diocese of Honolulu
This is a network of homeschool families actively living out the Spirit and purpose of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Honolulu and in their homes and community at large. Activities and events include First Friday Mass, beach days, homeschool dance, camp-outs, Socrates Cafe for teens, mom’s nights out, field trips, play dates, bible studies, book clubs, and music lessons. 

Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Homeschoolers of Hawaii
Honolulu, HI
This is a group of Catholic families who have joined together to promote and support Catholic homeschooling in the Honolulu Diocese. 

Our Lady of Grace Catholic Homeschoolers
Oahu, HI
This is a Catholic homeschooling group on Oahu. They offer networking opportunities, gatherings, and events including PE days, beach days, Monastery Day at the Benedictine Monastery, moms and dads nights out, service events, graduation Mass, field trips, and more. 

Catholic Homeschool Co-ops

Do you know of any Catholic homeschool co-ops near you? Let us know by filling out our Resource Submission Form, and we’ll add it here. 

Hybrid Programs & Homeschool Academies

Do you know of any Catholic hybrid homeschool programs or homeschool academies near you? Let us know by filling out our Resource Submission Form, and we’ll add it here. 

Catholic Homeschool Conferences

The 2024 Catholic Homeschool Conference
Virtual Conference
June 7-8, 2024

This virtual conference features topics covering homeschool guidance, marriage and family, and character and virtue development. Speakers include Bishop Joseph Strickland, Emily Brown, Bonnie Landry, and more. There will also be a homeschool graduate panel. The Catholic Homeschool Directory is a virtual exhibitors hall. You can browse through curriculum, programs, tools, and businesses who support your family’s homeschool journey.

Local Classes & Programs for Homeschoolers

Do you know of any great local classes or programs for Catholic homeschoolers? Let us know by filling out our Resource Submission Form, and we’ll add it here. 

Sports for Homeschoolers

Public School Access for Homeschoolers in Hawaii
There is no state-wide statute guaranteeing homeschooled students the right to participate in public school sports. This is left up to individual schools and school districts. Policies vary from district to district. Contact your local school for more information. 

Do you know of any great sports programs for Catholic homeschoolers? Let us know by filling out our Resource Submission Form, and we’ll add it here. 

Diocese & Parish Resources

Shrines & Pilgrimages in Hawaii

Do you know of any Catholic pilgrimage sites or shrines that would be perfect for a homeschool field trip? Let us know by filling out our Resource Submission Form, and we’ll add it here. 

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