Catholic Homeschooling in New Jersey

How to Homeschool in New Jersey

In New Jersey, it’s easy to comply with the laws regulating homeschooling. State statute requires that parents are to provide “equivalent instruction” at home. This means that parents are to offer an education that is appropriate to the child’s age and cover typical school subjects. There is no official notification required. 

Compulsory school age in New Jersey is from 6 to 16 years of age. There are no teacher qualifications, required assessments, or immunization requirements. 

New Jersey Department of Education Home School Information – FAQ
In New Jersey, the Legislature under the compulsory education law (N.J.S.A. 18A:38-25) has permitted children to receive “equivalent instruction elsewhere than at school,” including the home. These homeschooling questions and answers are intended to assist a parent/guardian and public school district(s) in dealing with issues that frequently arise in this context.

How to Comply with New Jersey’s Homeschool Law
How to Withdraw Your Child from School in New Jersey
Special Education Provisions for New Jersey
The Importance of Recordkeeping in New Jersey

Lobbying & Advocacy Organizations

Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)
HSLDA is the nation’s largest homeschool advocacy organization. They protect the rights of homeschoolers in court, advocate for homeschool freedom in state legislatures, and work to advance homeschooling in the public arena. 

New Jersey Homeschool Association (NJHA)
This state-wide organization provides information about homeschooling to parents in New Jersey. they also protect homeschooling freedomes of all New Jersey citizens and work to maintain a favorable homeschooling climate in the state.

Catholic Homeschool Support Groups

Catholic Homeschoolers of NJ
New Jersey
CHNJ is a networking support and discussion group open to Catholic homeschooling families in the state. 

Catholic Homeschoolers of Northeast
Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland
This group connects Catholic homeschoolers from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. They share resources, advice, and support. 

CHAPLET Catholic Homeschool Association
Southern New Jersey
CHAPLET is a group of Catholic homeschoolers in southern New Jersey. They offer support and connections for home educating families in the state.

Diocese of Paterson Homeschool Families
Paterson, NJ
This group connects and supports Catholic homeschooling families in the Diocese of Paterson, NJ. 

Holy Family Homeschool Group
Toms River, NJ
This Catholic homeschool group meets once a month to work on projects, exchange ideas, help with local community needs, and plan social events and field trips. They offer outings, meetings, play dates, and more. 

Catholic Homeschool Co-ops

Classically Catholic Memory Co-op
Branchville, NJ
Classically Catholic Memory is a memory work program that is both Catholic and classical in nature. It is designed for children ages 5 through 12, and each year of the program provides 18 weeks of memory work in each subject. CCM is run as a co-op model.

Little Way Homeschool Co-op
Secaucus, NJ
This Catholic homeschool co-op meets once a week at Immaculate Conception Church in Secaucus for art and enrichment classes for homeschool students in pre-K through high school. Members come from across northern and central New Jersey and some parts of New York. Classes include liturgical feast celebrations, concerts, dance, drama performances, retreats, field trips, service opportunities, and other events. 

Seat of Wisdom Homeschool Cooperative
Allentown, NJ
This Catholic homeschool co-op offers academic enrichment to supplement learning at home. They meet at Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church in Allentown. 

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Hybrid Programs & Homeschool Academies

Do you know of any Catholic hybrid homeschool programs or homeschool academies near you? Let us know by filling out our Resource Submission Form, and we’ll add it here. 

Catholic Homeschool Conferences

The 2024 Catholic Homeschool Conference
Virtual Conference
June 7-8, 2024

This virtual conference features topics covering homeschool guidance, marriage and family, and character and virtue development. Speakers include Bishop Joseph Strickland, Emily Brown, Bonnie Landry, and more. There will also be a homeschool graduate panel. The Catholic Homeschool Directory is a virtual exhibitors hall. You can browse through curriculum, programs, tools, and businesses who support your family’s homeschool journey.

Long Island Homeschool Conference
St. Roccos Pl, Glen Cove, NY
2024 Date TBD

This is the first annual Long Island Homeschool Conference for Catholic families. Listen to speakers, hear special panels, browse the vendors, and find new homeschool materials and curriculum at the book swap! Featured speakers include Alice Gunther, Annabelle Moseley, Jessica Schaefer, and Margaret Gallipeau.

Local Classes & Programs for Homeschoolers

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Sports for Homeschoolers

Public School Access for Homeschoolers in New Jersey
In New Jersey, it is up to local boards of education to allow or not homeschool students to participate in sports activities. The New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA) states that local school districts may allow homeschool students to compete in interscholastic sports, provided the student (1) resides in the district for which he is playing, (2) obtains approval from his local school board and principal, (3) demonstrates that he is academically qualified and is receiving an equivalent education, and (4) complies with all requirements imposed on other members of the team.

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Shrines & Pilgrimages in New Jersey

Do you know of any Catholic pilgrimage sites or shrines that would be perfect for a homeschool field trip? Let us know by filling out our Resource Submission Form, and we’ll add it here. 

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